Annabel’s ‘about’ page has had to be written by her friend and web designer, Katy, as she really is quite a humble, very down-to-earth, very kind and very capable woman, who, although aware of her strengths, has no idea quite how fabulous those strengths are.  Annabel is named ‘Mighty’ because she is just that.  Not only is she all the things listed above, she is also extremely likeable, teaches teenage boys how to be plumbers (yes, the spotty kind with attitude), creates beautiful art, is incredibly creative and has a stunning eye for interior design and internal style.

She plumbs, she grows fruit, she volunteers and fosters cats, she helps her friends to find jobs and has possibly the most infectious laugh you will ever hear.  She does extraordinarily exciting things with tiling and is one of the only people I will allow to visit when my house is a mess as there is not a judgmental bone in her body.  In a professional or personal capacity you cannot help but feel at ease with Annabel.

Annabel is simply mighty.  There is no better word to describe her.*

*Caveat. Annabel has a very specific prescription when it comes to a cup of tea, so if she comes to do some plumbing or other DIY work for you and you find her hovering while you pour the milk, please don’t take this personally.  She just doesn’t like wishy-washy tea.